Mutton bird oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (24.9% of total fatty acids ). The amounts are such that 1g of oil per day
taken would at least double the normal daily intake.The rich red colour of the oil suggests a high content of
valuable astaxanthin or related pigments. The oil may have therapeutic usefulness for atherosclerotic and thrombotic conditions.
The oil is used to rub down the coats of horses or greyhounds, and put in the feed in small quantities to prevent colds and flues
and to assist in bone strengthening.
Many people consume the oil in its natural unaltered form, while others take it in manufactured tablet form.

Mutton Bird Oil for Sale
Mutton birding in Australia is unique to the Tasmanian Aboriginal people. Aborigines own the islands in Bass Strait
where each year the mutton bird hatches its young. The adult bird feeds on krill and regurgitates its feed into the mouths
of the young chicks. In a few week period in April the chicks are harvested and the oil extracted from the gut by
squeezing. The product is allowed to settle before the gurry is removed from the oil. The oil is then strained several
times until the final product is pure oil. There are no additives. Oil is available in containers ranging from 1 to 200 litres.
The cost is $50 per litre. Postage is currently $15.50 for 1-3 litres, more for 4-5 litres.

Paua Kennels Greyhound Kennels
Steve White
150 Albatross Road Nowra Hill NSW 2540
(02) 4421 6376
0412 433 379

Owner Steve White uses mutton bird oil for his dogs.
He gives 10ml everyday on the evening meal but in colder weather you can, he says, double that.
Steve says it usually takes 4 weeks to see a change in coats and it builds stamina.
Steve gained a very successful breeding line thru Broodbitch Alice Dooley. Mother of 4 x Time Group 1 winner, and Hall of Fame
and holder of 5 track records (Paua To Burn),Group 2 winner Miss Megastar, Grandmother of Group 1 Winners,
Bit Chilli ,Prankster,Tricky Shelley,Digital Magic.
Mother or Grandmother of Group Winners and numerous listed races and Track Record holders from every litter.
This line continues to throw city winners and group winners. Now the daughters of Alice Dooley are following the tradition.

According to www.ozpets.com the recommended dosage for snakes is 5 ml per kilo of snake.
Injected into dead food, every third feed. This is the minimum dosage rates, increase the rates as you go.
No deaths have been reported on over dosing of mutton bird oil use.

Mutton Bird Oil is Rich in Iodine, Phosphate, Zinc and Calcium. The Iodine in the Oil, stimulates Growth, increase's Weight,
and has a Beneficial effect on the Reproductive Organs. The Calcium in the Oil produces healthy Flesh, Bone Muscle and good Teeth.

Mutton Bird Oil has a range of use's, from Growth Stimulation in Snakes, to the Oils capacity to develop Stamina, used by
Athlete's and Race Horses. It is also used as a Stock Food for Poultry and Livestock and used in Drenches for Sheep and Cattle,
if added to Milk, it will prevent Scouring in Young Calves